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Basic Terms and Conditions
The services, work, products, and/or software provided by Keyway-Cybertime Network Services, ARINC-Cybertime LLC, Keyway-Cybertime Broadband, (ACNS) ("ARINC-Cybertime Network Services," "ACNS," or "we") to you ("Subscriber," "User," or "you"), are subject to the terms of these agreements, warrantees, and CNS 's operating policy.

You shall be subject to any additional terms and conditions, which you are notified of and any which may apply when using third party content, software or services. You agree to review the Terms of Service, the Acceptable Use Policy and the Warranty, and if any of the rules, limits or requirements are unacceptable to you, you may terminate your subscription at any time provided you give ACNS at least 15 days prior notice.

Notice of Agreement
Your continued use of ACNS shall be conclusively deemed acceptance of any and all such Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policies and Warrantees.

Unless otherwise noted, or if your actions have caused damage to ACNS, its reputation or equipment, your liability to ACNS for any breach of this agreement is limited solely to the amount paid by you to access and use ACNS.

You agree that ACNS is a private organization, and that as a member or user of such you freely and contractually give up your right to free speech when communicating through us, our services, and/or equipment. In general, anything you say or do is fine, as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your words and actions. For our protection, and in enforcement of these policies, we will restrict some actions.

User/Account Information
YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. By registering as a Subscriber, or Domain Registrant/Owner you will receive a password and a Subscriber Account ("Subscriber Account"). You are entirely liable for all activities conducted through your Subscriber Account and any sub-accounts or screen-names under your Subscriber Account ("Sub-Accounts").

You agree to provide ACNS with accurate, complete, and updated registration information, and failure to do so shall constitute a breach of this Agreement and unauthorized access to ACNS, and may result in immediate termination of your account and subject you to civil and/or criminal liability. You may not select or use a screen name of another person without their permission, or a name in violation of any intellectual property rights of any person or entity, or a screen name that ACNS deems offensive.

Access by Others
A Subscriber may permit another individual, including a minor, to freely use the Subscriber's Account or Sub-Accounts, at the Subscriber's discretion. Whether or not this action is subject to Subscriber supervision it is with the Subscribers assumption of all resulting liabilities for the other individual's actions.

A ACNS account may be installed and accessed by ONE computer. The account listed on any ACNS paperwork or application may be accessed by the client listed on said paperwork or application.

If you copy or install ACNS software to more than ONE computer, ACNS will not be responsible for any Technical Support or other services for said additional computer(s).

You cannot dial in from more than ONE computer at the same time. Attempt to do so will void your agreement with ACNS and will result in a disconnection and revocation of your account without refund of any monies paid to ACNS.

If you use a router or other connection sharing device, ACNS may, it its discretion, assist you in setting up that device.


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