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Here’s an understatement: fundraising is imperative for all non-profit organizations. More often than not, charitable groups are jockeying for individual and community support for their cause, the competition for funds has advanced at such a rate that Charity need to be on the cutting edge of fundraising technology. Since you are here viewing this web page, chances are high that your favorite charity or non-profit organization has already taken that critical, cutting edge step – at no additional cost to the organization. If not, have them call us to qualify and register for the program.

How We Help…

Keyway-Cybertime has sponsored this Charitable Giving Program to help you support your favorite charity or non-profit organization. The program boasts, among other exciting features, free website hosting and email services to the organization, as well as an unlimited potential for increased support revenue. All we ask in return is a brief mention in the organization’s correspondence or newsletters and a small link on the organization’s website that helps explain to supporters how they can contribute additional support to the organization through our Charitable Giving Program.

How You Can Help…

If you spend any time on the internet then you already have a dial-up connection, DSL, cable or other high speed connection. Since you already pay a monthly fee for these services, why not have a portion of those fees go back to support your favorite charity or non-profit organization?

Under our program, when you sign up for high-speed wireless internet with Keyway-Cybertime, and reference your favorite registered charity or non-profit organization, we take the funds that would normally be paid out in commissions and donate those funds back to the charity or non-profit organization. In this way, you help support your favorite charity or non-profit organization—using the funds you are already spending for internet service. No new monthly expense to you, significant support to your charitable or non-profit organization.
Sign up today! Encourage others to support in the same way.

SIGN UP TODAY! Encourage others to support in the same way.


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